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Mears K9s LLC

Mears K9s LLC photo

Our German Shepherds come from strong Czech Border Patrol working bloodlines. They have strong nerve and old world working drive. They are highly intelligent with a natural instinct to guard and protect. Perfect for family protection. We offer the best GSD you will find anywhere at any price. We are dedicated to breeding the true GSD. One that is noble, strong and well balanced in mind and spirit. We have devoted an immense amount of time in our dogs to insure they are well balanced and socialized. It is not work but rather a labor of love. Words cannot describe the feeling of pride to raise this type of quality dog.

All of our dogs are European bred from imported bloodlines. Many of our dogs have successful careers in K 9 units, Narcotics Dectection and as Therapy companions. Our bloodlines include Congo Vikar, Faro Policia, Diddy Von Der Costa Brava, Dargo Eqidius and Sharon Favory Cross just to name a few.

Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds

Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds photo

For 30 years now, Vom Waldenhaus has specialized in raising beautiful, black and red, healthy, sound minded German bred German Shepherds. Our breeding dogs are all Certified free of Hip and Elbow Dysplacia as well as DNA tested to be DM normal (Degenerative myelopathy) We guarantee the health of our dogs with a comprehensive written guarantee. We breed for a family dog, calm natured, loyal, high bonding companion, who is excellent with small children and other pets. They have the natural instinct to protect their home and family from outside threats, and they are a joy to live with. Check out our website and contact us for the best German Shepherd you will ever own. Personalized assistance guaranteed. We know our dogs and our bloodlines, 30 years experience raising these magnificent animals.

Century Shepherds

Century Shepherds photo

We are exclusive german shepherd specialist in central Missouri. Breeding European lineage, focusing are attention on temperament, health and then beauty! Health guarantees and lifetime breeder support a long with an excellent family protector and companion!