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Grand Canyon K9

Grand Canyon K9 photo

Welcome to Grand Canyon K9. We are working dog enthusiasts and a hobby breeder of working German Shepherd Dogs located in Phoenix Arizona. All of our dogs have strong , proven working bloodlines that originate from the Czech / Slovak Republic. Our goal is to breed healthy versatile German Shepherd Dogs with good temperaments, dark pigment, and balanced working drives. To stay true to our breeding goals we will continue to resist popular trends and limit the use of Western European Bloodlines in our program. All of our dogs are family dogs first while being worked in obedience, tracking and bitework. Genetics are very important but as the German Shepherd Dog is a working dog we have to attribute a large part of our success in our program to the regular training we do with our Working Dog Club The GCWK9s for sport and real life personal protection. We are supporters of both PSA and The CCDL and feel these organizations promote challenging scenarios and responsible practical training for those wishing to train and compete to earn working titles in obedience and protection scenarios. For information on our Working Dog Club , PSA, and the CCDL please click on the links below. Our puppies are exposed to early neurological stimulation by using the techniques developed by the The US Military known as The Superdog / Bio Sensor Program. Our puppies are AKC registered, fully guaranteed and are suitable for family / personal protection, SAR , sport and as active family members. All our dogs and puppies are raised indoors and are well socialized while being exposed to people and other animals. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you just want to talk dogs!

Big Pair Shepherds

Big Pair Shepherds photo

Our puppies and dogs are AKC and hip registered with OFA. Our bloodlines are bar none one of the top Schutzhund bred GSD's as well as multi purpose.

Von Altenhof Shepherds

Von Altenhof Shepherds photo

Sound in mind and body, well bred from carefully chosen stock, our dogs are capable of all tasks set for them. Whether you are looking for a family member, protector, competition teammate, service dog or companion, our German Shepherds will exceed all your expectations. They represent the finest in what the world has come to demand from the best.